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Re: [T3] Happy 40th Phillip!

<x-flowed>While it's true that tire failure are varied, if the tire experiences sudden pressure loss it is a very dangerous situation for you and traffic surrounding you. It might not end up being an immediate catastrophe, but the risk is still very high that the car loses directional stability.


On 17 May 2006, at 16:31, Toby Erkson wrote:

When a tire blows, it's not like in the movies where the car careens outta
control and ends up flipping across four lanes and the gas tank explodes.
That's just a myth. The deflated tire will be obvious as there will be drag
on that particular side of the car but the car will still be
drivable...it'll just destroy the tire and could damage the rim.

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Hey, as long as you are aware that the tire, when used, could fail at
any time in a more or less catastrophic manner. I suppose just being
stuck somewhere is the best outcome. A bad accident is the worst.

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