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RE: [T3] My Square's engine... what to do?

<x-flowed>> From: Keith Park [mailto:topnotch@nycap.rr.com]
	My question comes with the engine though... this car hasn't been
apart to the point of not being able to drive it in 10 years! The engine
has 101K on it now, and 57K on both the heads since the last valve job.  It
runs great and has good oil pressure but those heads are nearing valve job
time again... but I only need another 10K or so out of this engine to get it
through the summer and out to Myrtle Creek and back.  The valves in these
heads are genuine VW although the heads were aftermarket but they have
always held their adjustment well.
	Any thoughts?  Suggestions?

Bit late to the party ... I've been rebuilding my own engine for a few months now, and reading all the books, so I must be an expert by now ... right ?!

FWIW: my FI engine has 130K. Original heads and valves judging by the buildup of crud. Guide wear was OK. Clearances OK. And the books say "FI engines are hard on valves and need a valve job every 60K" (or something like that anyway). They almost imply you're a fool to drive more than that without work. And the PO, who had it for 5 years and did lots of freeway miles, said "valve clearances? how do you do that?" when I asked.

To echo other comments: just drive it, and check the valve clearances regularly. Maybe even every day if you're doing high mileage and really paranoid.

Matt. UK.
'73 1600e FB.

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