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RE: [T3] My Square's engine... what to do?

On 15 May 2006 at 19:40, Keith Park wrote:

> Yea, Im coming back on the interstate in Albany heavy on the throttle and it
> sounds like Im in third gear, but the shifter is in forth!  Uh oh... bit O
> slippin goin on!  I noticed on the way up the thruway that the cruise would
> suddenly 'correct' enough to be noticeable, and since right now its only
> signal is off the points that's what it would do if the clutch starts to
> slip.  Im going to change back to the magnetic pickup when the new tranny
> goes in... more precise speed control.

I'd avoid using the cruis control under these circumstances, since slipping 
like this is REALLY hard on the clutch. Driving under human control, you're 
likely to respond correctly by letting up on the throttle if it starts to slip.

>   I think that it may be an Oil seal problem as this car has mostly highway
> miles on it and I don't think the clutch is worn out. 

I agree. Pulling the engine to replace the seal is relatively simple. When 
replacing the seal, make sure to polish the neck of the flywheel to remove any 
trace of roughness. I like to use 400 or 600 wet or dry paper, wet with motor 
oil. The surface should have a featureless satin surface when you're done. You 
MUST oil the nose of the flywheel and the seal lip as you put things back 
together. The seal will be damaged if it runs dry against the flywheel for even 
a very short time.  

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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