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RE: [T3] My Square's engine... what to do?

You beat Brian to the punch!!

But I just got done detailing the undercarriage!

I DID think what a nice surprise it would be if I showed up with it... and
tried to envision a scenereo that I could justify driving it  but I Hit a
brickwall when I realized that the antique insurance I have on it wouldn't
cover me for such an event.  :-(  I could change coverage but it's the ONLY
vehicle I have on that policy right now so if I took it off they would
re-evaluate me when I put it back on, and that isn't something that would be


drive the notch.............

> time again... but I only need another 10K or so out of this engine to get
> through the summer and out to Myrtle Creek and back.  The valves in these
> heads are genuine VW although the heads were aftermarket but they have
> always held their adjustment well.
> If I do the valve job I have to disassemble a lot of things that
> have proven themselves very well together just before a big trip, if one
> stud pulls out of the case Im done, party over!  Not worth putting the
> or money into an engine that has that many miles on it especially when Im
> going to replace it in another year. If I don't do the valve job and it
> swallows a valve in the middle of the Nevada desert, im really screwed.
> Any thoughts?  Suggestions?
> Thanks,
> Keith

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