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Re: [T3] Carb Questions

<x-flowed>NickD=> ... the aging state of my twin Solex carbs and my desire to spend some

I expect you'll get what you want. What's wrong with the Solexes? There are people around here who'll take 'em off your hands, I'm sure.

Be acutely aware that wat you are doing is not a bolt-on-and-go project. You will be learning lots of new things about jetting and adjustment.

=> There is / was a metal pipe at the back of the engine that runs from each
=> carb and connects to a pipe at the bottom of the manifolds and then runs out
=> of the engine bay back towards the transmission; what does this do?

Between the manifolds it's called the balance pipe, and it is essential to smooth performance of the carbs. I don't know why it might connect somewhere forward. Take another look and make sure that's what you're seeing. Then we can puzzle over it; maybe it's an automatic thing?

=> Is this redundant as my new manifolds for fitting the Webers do not have this
=> pipe?

Someone running the Weber setup can tell you with greater authority, but I expect not. The balance pipe connects the manifolds, not the carbs.

=> there is a small tube that comes out from the bottom of the carb just where
=> they bolt on to the manifold, what does this do and is this connected to the
=> first issue raised above?

If it penetrates below the butterfly, it could be a balance port. I would firmly suggest that you seek out some specific documentation on those carbs and learn how they work.

Steven Ayres, Prescott AZ
'66 KG1600

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