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Re: [T3] Valve stem seals ?

Okay, I went and checked the microfilm AND the paper parts list. The 
"seals" are on illustration 6, item 19,

The paper parts book says:

113 109 619	ring - oil deflection		quantity 8

While the microfilm says "X" in the quantity column. 

X for quantity means "as required", but the next item below, item 20, 
is valve stem caps, which is listed as quantity 8. I've never seen 
one of those, so I'm gonna guess that the quantities of those got 
switched, since the valve stem caps were just a repair item. I don't 
think they were ever supplied on new engines.

My impression is that the valve stem "seals" came on all 8 valves, 
but it's also clear that most engines do fine without them. We know 
that they harden and break off in time, because we find the broken 
bits in the engine sump. It would be impossible to say which 4 valves 
on your engine still had the seals, but maybe the exhaust valve stems 
would have run hotter and shed their seals first.

Nevertheless, when I build an engine I put them on every valve, and I 
can assure you that that works also.

The microfilm indicates that these seals come as part of some gasket 
set, so I checked the contents of the gasket sets as listed in the 
microfilm. They aren't in the engine gasket sets, however, they ARE 
in the cylinder head gasket sets. These gasket kits are for one side 
of the engine and each contains 4 of those "seals." That makes for 8 
in each engine, or one for each valve.

I've never actually seen one of those "head" gasket sets.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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