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RE: [T3] long distance gas mileage experiment

On 4 May 2006 at 20:57, Keith Park wrote:

> Already considered that Jim!  That's why I aimed for 600mi a day or less,
> there is a long day or 2 where they were unavoidable but no 700 mile days!!

We did a bit more than 600 miles per day, and that was quite tiring. 
We generally drove from 7AM to 7PM, with a few stops. I'd be grateful 
for an occasional shorter day, so your objective sounds fine. 

Something else we did which helped in a number of ways was to bring 
along a cooler with lunch goodies and just ate our own lunch at rest 
stops along the way. This turned out to be both cheaper and faster, 
and avoided some of those extra calories that I've apparently been 
getting too much of lately.

> I generally cruise at 68-70 in the Square so your suggestions fit in very
> nicely, perhaps on the return trip when its mostly downhill east of the
> rockies your foot can indulge itself!

I actually did speed up a bit on our west to east return. Those 
speeds were more like 68-71, and the gas mileage was as good or 
better than the outgoing westward leg. High altitude, downhill, and 
thin air all help.  

> I *Think* the Taurus has an AFC based system, do you
> think your good gas milage was more because of the FI system than the
> thinner air to drive through?  Is this also true of the Squareback?

I think the Taurus uses a hot wire sensor, but I'm really not sure. 
I'm almost completely ignorant of it, which annoys me, but everything 
I've tried to do on it has turned out to be incredibly difficult 
(more than 1 hour to replace a center brake bulb, drop the engine to 
replace the alternator, etc.) I suspect that whatever the Taurus 
uses, it accurately measures air mass, so it should meter gas 
appropriately regardless of altitude.

In this regard, the 2 systems should provide similar flexibility.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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