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RE: [T3] long distance gas mileage experiment

Already considered that Jim!  That's why I aimed for 600mi a day or less,
there is a long day or 2 where they were unavoidable but no 700 mile days!!

I generally cruise at 68-70 in the Square so your suggestions fit in very
nicely, perhaps on the return trip when its mostly downhill east of the
rockies your foot can indulge itself!

On the last trip to the invasion I got my best gas mileage at high altitudes
and I remember our discussions about how the FI system in the Square wont
give the car more gas than there is air to enter the IAD.  Kinda like
putting an increasingly thick block of wood under your accelerator pedal as
you go up in altitude.  I *Think* the Taurus has an AFC based system, do you
think your good gas milage was more because of the FI system than the
thinner air to drive through?  Is this also true of the Squareback?


All of this is enough to convince me that it would be worthwhile to 
plan to drive a bit slower on the way to the 2006 Invasion. I saved a 
bit more than 20% on gas doing this. At current gas prices, that's a 
lot of money and it's worth saving the gas, just because the supply 
is declining.

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