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[T3] 1971 Fastback with fuel injection, no start!

I have been following the posts on the Invasion.  Sounds like great fun, and I sure would like to be there to meet you all in person and learn more about the Type 3.

As most of you know I have been on here several times concerning my 1971 Fastback vin# 311 203 9879 manufactured in 9/70.  When I purchased this Fastback it actually started a couple of times but ran real erratic for only a short period.  The car had sat in previous owners backyard for several years.

The fuel pump seemed to pump okay but had a severe leakage problem.

I did a complete inspection of the Fastback and replaced the spark plugs, wires, points and condenser.  I went through the FI system replacing the fuel pump, filter, injectors and all the fuel lines.  I also cleaned the tank.

I adjusted the valves and changed the oil.

I then started checking the electrical system making sure all my connections were good and tried to determine what worked and what didn't work.  I checked all my fuses.  I found alot not working and also found that someone had by-passed and rewired alot under the dash including eliminating the fuel pump relay.  I ran continuity checks on the wiring to find what wire went to what component and I believe I have everything back the way the Bentley diagram shows it including a fuel pump relay installed.

Jim Adney and Keith have been alot of help on getting to this point as have others in the group, I thank you for this help.

Problem is today I am still sitting here completely baffled as this fastback will not get power to the fuel pump and start.  Pump does run when I ground the connection back in the engine compartment.  I have run the tests you all have told me to do and it still comes back to "no power out of the fuel pump relay to the pump".  Do I need to try another relay or am I over looking something in the wiring?

Any help will be appreciated as I have found no one in Mobile, Al. area to be of any help on a FI system.  I understand with you all having a good time at the invasion it will be awhile before I receive additional help.  Just hope I can make the next invasion.

Thank you,

Art Sterrett
Mobile, Alabama

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