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[T3] Invasion '06, Final Preparations

Most of my parts packing is done; I got the '71 square out and got 
the tires aired. The engine didn't want to run well, however.  

At idle it would die, and in a drive around a long block it missed a 
lot while cruising but ran fine when I put my foot in it. Everything 
smelled gassy, however, so it seemed like it was running rich. The 
system voltage was fine.  

On a whim, I pulled the distributor last night, took it downstairs, 
and pulled it apart. It was clear that it had never been disassembled 
before. It was somewhat dirty inside, but the main thing I noticed 
was that there was old, stiff grease on the FI trigger points. I 
cleaned everything up and put on fresh grease or oil where necessary, 
then put it back together.  

This morning I put it back in the car. I knew that there was a good 
chance that nothing would have changed.  

It started once and then died. Started again and stayed running. It 
idled and ran smoothly. I set the dwell and timing, and now it seems 
perfectly happy. I drove it to work and back with no problems at all.

My guess is that at low speed the ramp on the trigger point cam let 
the points down so softly that they didn't always make contact. OTOH, 
I can't explain why it would run well as soon as I floored the pedal, 
even at low rpms. It almost seemed like a trigger point problem might 
have made the injectors STAY open, rather than not opening at all, 
like I had always assumed.

I'll do the valves tomorrow. Lube the front end and then probably 
take it for a ride, warm it up, and change the oil. I think it's 
ready for the trip. If I can get everything packed that I want to 
take, then I think I'll be ready, too.  

Looking forward to seeing Keith, John, and Russ tomorrow, and 
everyone else in a few days.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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