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Re: [T3] Installing turn signal switch (arm)?

On 18 Jul 2006 at 21:11, Toby Erkson wrote:

> 1972 Squareback, original German turn signal switch needs replacing as the
> C-shaped, squiggly spring broke free (both spring retaining claws broke).
> No problem, I did it before on my previous '72 and I have the replacement
> part ready to go.

The little plastic pieces with the claws can just be replaced with good parts 
from another switch, probably any TS switch made by SWF for any German car. 
BUT, you still have to get the TS switch a little ways out of there.  

> Yeah, right.
> I cannot get the turn signal switch nor the windshield washer switch out of
> the column!  4 screws removed, pushing on the electrical contacts (plugs
> removed, of course), and barely any movement.  Is there a trick to removing
> stubborn ones or am I missing something?

It doesn't sound like you've missed anything. On those late models, the wiper 
switch comes out with the TS switch, and you have to loosen up, or stretch, the 
washer hoses a bit. ISTR that they are usually a bit tight, but I don't recall 
any real problem other than the washer hoses being shorter than I'd like.

(probably a good idea to let the pressure out of the washer system before you 
start this)

> BTW, though a 914 steering wheel will fit on the steering column shaft
> without a problem, it's too deep and the inside is flush with the top of the
> steering shaft, thus there's no way to secure the retaining nut -- the shaft
> needs to be 1/2" to 3/4" longer for that to happen.  Rats!

Too bad, I'm surprised that they were made any differently. There were so many 
VW parts in those cars that I'd expect the steering wheels to be exactly the 

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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