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Re: [T3] glycerin rubber treatment

<x-flowed>So why is vasoline bad? Ive used it for many years with great results. It has even brought life back to my original rubber on the windows. Is this opinion or survaical scientific fact??


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Subject: [T3] glycerin rubber treatment

I agree with Kevin, glycerin is the only product that will not harm rubber.
All other products that might look good in the short term will decrease the
life of the rubber in the long run. Baby powder is also a good way to keep
harmful things from the rubber.

From what I have been told NEVER use
any petroleum base product or silicone.


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Date: 7/18/2006 2:42:09 PM
Subject: RE: [T3] rubber treatment

I've had some luck with glycerin. It has oftern been recommended to me by
other bus owners. You can get it at drug stores.

There is some other stuff I've used, I think it was called "black again"
although it was good fro any type of rubber product. I'll check to see if
can find where I bought it, but it was from a great online supplier.

I've heard/read that silicone is the stuff in Armor All, and it actually
dries the rubber out. Somehow it pulls the oils to the surface, making the
rubber look great, but over time you lose all the oils.


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From: David [mailto:rdavid@rochester.rr.com]
Subject: [T3] rubber treatment

Hey All.....now that I have spent good money on replacement on rubber
for the T3.....
What is the consensus for the best thing to put on the rubber to protect
and increase it's service life?

spray silicone?.....Vaseline?.....witch hazel?...

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