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Re: [T3] 72 FI, won't start.

Thanks Keith,

The car did seem to be flooded. I'm suspecting the TPS, currently, but it only flutters at two points in the middle of it's throw. I could swear the car seemed flooded without me having pushed the accelerator. [ I usually start without pushing it at all. ]

I re-read the FI document. I understand a bit more about how I was fooling myself with grounding the newly replaced head temp sensor. So, far the car has been starting, but if it happens again, I'll keep trying to understand it, and get it fixed right. I kind of suspect the TPS at the moment.

[ ended up not needing the car so bad, and dropped off the thread, because all of my visting family got sick. 8 out of 10 people,
really took my mind off the broken square. ]

On Jul 1, 2006, at 6:37 PM, Keith Park wrote:

First off, get in the mindset that if the ignition is working properly and
it isn't flooded there a just a few things on the FI that can prevent it
from running completely.

The head temp sensor is one of them, if its internal contact opens up it
wont run, if you ground it your mimicking a hot engine and if its cold it
may be very hard to start, but it shouldn't flood.

Fluttering TPS can flood it

Perhaps dirty trigger contacts are getting very intermittent and sending you
in loops, ive seen bad rivet contacts in them too.

If your plugs are old and carboned up they may also be given you fits by not
starting at all when things are a bit flooded.

I can send you the FI FAQ if youd like


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On Jul 1, 2006, at 12:49 PM, fess wrote:

My 72'  FI square won't start, again.

It turns over well,  it has spark  that I can see from coil to when I
pull it slightly apart,  and it smells like a lot of fuel.

[ now for the speculative info. ]


i got it to start, but i don't understand why,  and it's still not

I disconnected the Cyl. head temp sensor, and grounded it's lead.
This seemed to have no effect.
I disconnected the Throttle position switch.
Open the throttle and start it, and it burbles through, and then starts.

I disconnected the Cyl head temp sensor ground, and it shuts off
I reconnect the cyl head temp sensor, and try to start the car and it
I re-ground the temp sensor.  and the car starts.
I connect the throttle position switch.  everything seems ok.
shut the car off,  pack up to leave.   car won't start.
disconnect the TPS,  turn it over a bit, and it burbles through and

I wish I understood what's going on,  it seems like with the TPS hooked
it's flooding the engine.  [ but i doesn't start even if i don't touch
throttle.  which I would think would be the only way to flood it. ]
  when it doesn't start it smells of gas,  and when it does start,
it's only with TPS disconected and temp sensor grounded,
and then it seems  to burble through the pre-existing
excess gas.



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