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[T3] Parts for the Invasion

Oregon Invaders,

I've only gotten a couple of requests for parts to bring to the 
invasion, so I'm pretty sure I'm gonna have room in the car for more 
stuff. Just in case, I thought I'd mention a few more things that I 
could bring that would be lots easier, and cheaper, to pick up there 
than to ship.

I've got one complete set of front disk brake steering knuckles, etc, 
which would be perfect for a disk brake conversion of an early car. 
The setup is from the 69-71 era which has the stronger stub axles and 
takes the more readily available brake parts. I can supply this with 
or without good used OEM rebuilt (by me) calipers.

Wheels: i've got a bunch of good used OE wheels, sandblasted and 
repainted in the OE style. Everything I have is 4-bolt, but I have 
wheels accurate for most years available, painted as supplied new.

Generators and starters: These are often too heavy to ship 

Mufflers, heat exchangers (upper and lower), other exhaust system 
parts, and installation kits.

Or whatever else strikes your fancy.

I'm already in the process of packing up spares kits with lots of 
small bits and pieces just for the trip, but those are mostly for 
things that the caravan might, but hopefully won't, need on the way. 
The only way to assure that I'll have what your car lacks is to ask 
ahead of time.

BTW, when we visited our daughter in Tucson last April, she finally 
sent me her want list the night before we left. Needless to say, she 
didn't get everything she wanted. There just wasn't enough time to 
dig for everything. Please don't follow her example.    ;-)

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone in Oregon.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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