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Re: [T3] new exhaust

<x-flowed>I found a stainless steel hose that I was able to chop in two and use
the pieces to connect my fan to the heat exchangers. Worked like a

On 7/10/06, Jim Adney <jadney@vwtype3.org> wrote:
On 10 Jul 2006 at 10:32, Jim wrote:

> Ok so i went ahead and installed a non-OEM Bugpack exhaust on my '72
> Square. The headers I have installed do not have connections for the
> fresh air boxes. This is my first square and I am wondering what you
> experts think is best: capping the fan and heat exchangers or
> connecting a hose from the heat exchangers to the fan.

It's important to keep some air flowing thru the heat exchangers. All
the aftermarket systems I've seen include some hoses which sort of
perform this function, but most of them are poor quality and fail or
fall off quickly. It's worth putting some thought into a good

I used aftermarket exhausts for many years before going back to the
OE style. The OE mufflers are a lot of trouble to install, but they
fit and work better. No matter what you do, don't throw away the rear
heat exchangers that you removed along with your old muffler. Those
are expensive to replace and you just might change your mind someday.

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