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Re: [T3] starting an early 62 overhaul

<x-flowed>It might help if there is a missing piece of cooling fin to get that on the RHS, ie: number 1 and 2 cylinders where the cooling is less critical anyway. I'm sure there that one damaged fin wouldn't cause any problems at all. This may mean some tomfoolery with the thermostat linkage bracket (I assume this engine has such things?).
Chris .

Jim Adney wrote:

On 5 Jul 2006 at 20:50, Scott Taylor wrote:

On Jul 5, 2006, at 9:16 AM, Jim Adney wrote:

The case should have the cam running right against the case material,
but RIMCO can bore the cam tunnel for std size modern cam bearings. That's probably a good thing to do to this case.

That's my plan, to have the case machined for cam bearings. That's about as "dark" as it's going to get.

Doing the cam tunnel, the main bearings, and the case savers all at the same time turns out to be pretty reasonable, although RIMCO's prices have gone up dramatically in the past few years.

I really hope I can salvage the heads, or if not maybe locate rebuildable ones (a long shot). 40-horse heads will be the last resort. How worried should I be about a broken cooling fin? Think it's just a coincidence that it's right over #2?

The only broken fin that I thought I could see in your photo was a small piece missing from a cylinder. Was there a bit missing from the head? Even if there was, that could be welded back together using a bit of scrap or a fin from a scrap head. That's only if you're feeling really anal. It would probably be fine with a single broken fin.

The shop that does your head work probably does alum welding, too. So repairing that shouldn't cost much if you prepare the repair part.

I'm actually surprised that this head has a 311 casting number since I
thought VW would have just made this part from the 40 hp casting.

Probably due to the larger valves.

You're probably right. It would be easy to machine the 40 hp casting for larger seats, but the cast-in I/O passages would have to be larger, too. Otherwise, the larger valves would be rather pointless.

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