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Re: [T3] A Tale of Two Senders

In a message dated 7/5/06 8:25:18 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
knowonelse@sbcglobal.net writes:

<< The hot side has a steel rivet through the cap from the brass male
 connector end that squeezes a brass washer that connects to the
 resistance wire and underneath that is a steel washer. There is no
 electrical connection between the male connector and the brass
 washer currently as there should be or between any of the pieces
 of this stack of components.
 If I solder the steel rivet end to the brass washer and the other
 end of the steel rivet to the brass male connector all should be
 well on that end. Confirmation? Different ideas? >>

On mine, I wedged some brass shim stock between the steel washer and the 
brass male connector (to tighten the connection). I've fixed a couple of them this 
way. Afterward I used my ohm meter to verify continuity, along with checking 
the sender (flipped it upside down to read full, then right side up for 
empty). This might be an easier way to fix this, but be careful of the thin wires, 
as those read the fuel level. I hope this helps.

Bob 65 Notch S w/ Sunroof and IRS (Krusty)
       71 Square, now a 2 seat Roadster, pics can be seen at; 
http://volksrods.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=2977 and now has a dead T-3  with D-jet FI 
engine. : (

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