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RE: [T3] Sandblasting vs Mediablasting

My sandblasting guy was aware of the warping issue, he didn't want to touch
the hood but felt the metal was thick enough elsewhere.  Ive never found
heat a problem when sandblasting though, I could always put my hand on the
backside of the metal while doing it, I think its another issue that causes
warpage when sandblasting, kinda like the little body hammer with all the
spikes that will shrink metal that it hits.  Thoughts?
Hard to believe that soda blasting will get all the rust off, I have heard
of it but could only think of the ensuing sneezing frenzy that would likely


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> Any reason to not go for the plain sandblasting over a Media blaster 
> (should
> I find a local one) ??

Media blasting has much less chance of warping things than sandblasting
does .. that's a *big* consideration right there.

Either one also has the chance to have sand/media coming out of the 
& crannies for years,  you just get to choose *what's* coming out.  You 
might be able to find someone who does soda-blasting; the same idea, but
with baking soda instead of sand/media .. beauty of it is that soda 
out/off with water. 

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