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[T3] Turn Signal Switch...cont'd...

(After some failed attempts to master posting to the

  Searching for either replacement for a 1971 T-3 Turn
Signal Switch....OR for ways to gerry-rig other

* The bad switch is not part of the ignition lock
assembly. With wheel off, after unplugging 6 prong
plug, and undoing four sm. screws, it slides up and
out by itself with ease.  Just the doughnut-sized
assembly with the lever...and the wire holder heading
down into the steering column.

* It only has dimmer, horn contacts, and turn signals.
No wiper lever...wiper switch knob is on dash.

* Part number is  311 953 513 D    It's the "D" that's
crucial. This part is only for 71 models.

 My switch is definitely unfixable...so I'm
thinking of using a switch from a later model...a 72
or 73.
 Wiper/squirt stuff detaches easily. Will need to
contrive spacer sleves to keep the remaining part
(the turn/dimmer stuff) up high and in proper
place for lever placement and horn contacts.

 So far so good.  THEN... I plan to snip wires and
solder to right wires in the harness of six wires in
that 6 1/4 inch BLACK plastic holder. Six prongs (two,
space, then four) in a slightly arched row.

 I had to epoxy a tiny piece of plastic ( snipped from
a jar lid) onto the top of lever, just inside the
casing, as a bumper to get the dimmer points to
contact. Points LOOK as if they contact now when lever
is pulled. We shall see. I did same thing before years
ago with now dead (rust) 73. I used a thin wood chip.
Worked for years.

 BUT-------> I notice now that the wires on the broken
71 switch are a heavier gauge than the one I plan to
rig as replacement.
   Since this isn't a vital sensor or something, just
lights and the horn, will this matter? 

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