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Re: [T3] Duralast batteries anyone?

<x-flowed>I had to put that same battery (47-dl) in my daughters 99 new bettle today. It was smaller in size but had more CCA the the OEM battery.
It is a vented battery, made in Mexico (this one anyway) that came with a hose to vent it. Only a 2 year warranty, my daughter wanted a better warrnaty, as the OEM was 60 months. The OEM lasted 6 years.


Jim Adney wrote:

On 16 Jun 2005 at 13:43, Park, Keith J (Research) wrote:

CU rates these as the best, but autozone says they dont come in the group 42 size.
Anyone actually have one in thier Type3? if so... what is the group number?

They appear to sell a size 47 (# 47-DL) for all the late water cooled VWs that I thought took a group 42. I don't know what a group 47 is, but it might be worth looking at.

A little googleing finds that the Duralast batteries are made by Johnson Controls in Milwaukee. I know that they used to make the good Sears Die Hards. I had a friend who worked there decades ago and he told me that they made all sorts of batteries under contract for many labels and that they really did put different part is different quality batteries. At that time (in the mid 70s) the Die Hards were their best and apparently it showed.

I don't know anything about Johnson Controls in more recent times.

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