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Re: [T3] Fan Housing

That did the trick, well that and finding a bolt I had
overlooked near the oil breather. 



--- Jim Adney <jadney@vwtype3.org> wrote:

> On 15 Jun 2005 at 6:36, Louis Brooks wrote:
> > Is there a trick to getting the fan housing apart?
> I followed the
> > instructions in the manual, removed the pully and
> the 8 screws holding it
> > together but I can seem to get the halves apart.
> Tried gently prying with a
> > screw driver but stoped when it started to score
> the mating surface. 
> Yes, these usually come apart hard because there are
> 2 steel dowel pins which 
> align them and hold them together. Look in the
> "armpits" on each side of the 
> housing and you'll see a larger boss on each side
> where there was space for a 
> bolt as well as a pin, which is still there. I use a
> cold chisel as a wedge and 
> drive it into the crack between the housing halves
> in the space between the 
> bolt hole and the dowel. This will pull the halves
> apart. Work slowly and walk 
> the halves apart gently with the wedge and they will
> come apart with minimal 
> damage. Don't try to pry the halves apart anywhere
> other than at these 2 bosses 
> or you will probably break something.
> -- 
> Jim Adney
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> Madison, WI 53711-3054
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