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Re: [T3] wahooo!!!

I was advised by my local vw guy to have it timed at about 10deg before tdc. If this is different for the type3, I am not surprised, as he is outstanding at building vw engines, but knows little of the differences in the type3.
I remember as a wild teenager I discovered that advancing the timing on my dad's truck (chevy 454 w/ 4bl carb) made it really run, but it was also had to start when it was hot. I eventually had to retard it so that I did not have the hassle (and embarrassment) of not being able to start it. That is why when I encountered the difficulty in starting my engine last night when it was hot, I began questioning the timing. I will try retarding it tomorrow. Could this timing issue have anything to do with the right side of the engine flooding?

Also, Jim, I got your package tonight.Thank you.

Brad Mularcik

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On 9 Jun 2005 at 23:54, Brad Mularcik wrote:

My engine actually runs. (type 3 in a manx style buggy) Not great, but
it runs. The leak that I reported in one of my Kadron carbs turned out to
be a cap that covers the fuel filter on the back of the carb. Once I put
some new sealant on it, and tightened it up, the leak stopped. This was of
course after I put the pressure regulator and gauge on. Oh well, all
reports on the Kadrons indicate that they like below 2 psi on the fuel

Didn't that cap come with a paper gasket under it?

Glad to hear that you got to the bottom of it. Your problem/solution sounds
much more likely than the pressure "problem." I think it was Steven who said
that the pressure just controls how FAST they fill up. I agree completely. If
they don't like pressure higher than 2 psi it must mean that their float valves
don't seal well and the leakage exceeds the consumption if the pressure exceeds
2 psi.

Also, after running it for about 30 minutes at 1800rpm, I turned it off.
I then tried to restart it. The engine would barely turn over, like it was
too tight or something. Before it was hot, it turned just fine. Is this to
be expected after a complete build like this? Is this an indication that my
timing is too far advanced?

This sounds odd. Where do you have it timed? With the 311L distributor you should have it timed at about TDC.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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