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Re: [T3] oil light flicker

<x-flowed>>I just switched to straight 30 wt after the trip. I had been hearing
recently on the vintagebus list that multi-weight oil is not good to use in out engines. This is due to the fact that our engines run too hot for the multi-weight oil. At the high temps the polymers in the oil-that help the oil provide a range of viscosities-break down, and you end up with the lighter weight oil.

There was some discussion and links were provided that showed that multi-weight oils break down to the lower weight at a certain temperature. I did not find the links or the arguments used to be logical. The links also referred to tests performed quite a while ago, before several well-known formulation changes that went through the motor oil industry in the early 90s as well as later years. In my opinion, these changes invalidate all earlier test results.

Long story short, it's fine with today's formulas.

There were some problems when the first 10/40 oils were released because of the chemistry involved in providing such a large range. It prompted some car manufacturers to void your warranty if you used 10/40. It is no longer an issue as far as I know.

If you do a search on the Internet, you can find tons of oil arguments.

- Everett

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