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Re: [T3] Checking fuel pressure by measuring volume

I bought the car when it was not running at the time.
The previous owner stated that the problem seemed to
be gradual and became worse. He said that at first he
would just have problems with it losing power while on
the freeway. He would try to accelerate and it would
just sputter for a minute then pick back up. After a
while it was happening even in the city and eventually
wouldn't even start on a regular basis. 

 I suspected the fuel filter at first and he claims to
have already replaced it. I still plan on replacing
the filter prior to testing the fuel pump though just
to be sure. I have verified that I have spark to all
of the new plugs I have installed and that the points
are correctly gapped and the distributor cap is clean.
At this point I am fairly confident that the issue is
not spark. When I did replace the plugs and used a
little bit of starter fluid I was able to start the
car but I had to hold the pedal down to the floor the
entire time or it would die. I only got one half way
decent start though and after about 30 sec's it died. 

I also verified that I have fuel running up prior to
the injectors but have not tested those yet. 

I am more than happy to get any other suggestions on
what could be wrong though. I figured I would get the
filter ruled out next and then the fuel pump and then
the injectors.

Thanks for the help, Brandon
--- Jim Adney <jadney@vwtype3.org> wrote:

> On 2 Jun 2005 at 11:24, Brandon Harper wrote:
> > I believe I may be suffering from less than 28 psi
> of
> > fuel pressure in my stock 1970 FI squareback. I
> want
> > to know if there is a measurement of gas that I
> could
> > test in a jar to rule out a bad fuel pump. Let me
> know
> > what other info I should include if that helps.
> The only test that really works is to mount a
> pressure gauge to the test point 
> on the fuel ring and then take the car for a drive
> while someone watches the 
> gauge. The gauge should read constant pressure
> regardless of the load on the 
> engine.
> What symptoms do you have that have led you to this
> conclusion?
> -- 
> Jim Adney
> jadney@vwtype3.org
> Madison, WI 53711-3054
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