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Re: Ignition help needed!


I did the same thing to my 67 about a year ago and to tell you the truth I 
the (patch) held up until about 3 months ago. I started by taking the center 
of the steering wheel off, disconnected the wire, took the turn signal 
switch off, and sisnce then my canceling arm does not work. After you take 
out the sttering wheel you will see that there is a screw that need sto come 
out, this holds the cylinder in place, now make sure you release the 
steering lock because that will also keep the cylinder in place. I then 
unsoldered the wires and at this point the cylinder should come out.

What part on yours broke?, on mine is the contacts, they are burnt and at 
one point the rear plate had broken and I JB welded it. On my last trip, 
after I stopped at a rest stop it would not work, so I had to take the rear 
apart and jump it with a nickel. I still have not found a replace ment, 
where you get Yours?, I hope this helps...

67 Baltic Blue Fasty
Ft Hood Texas, 76544

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> You can rebuild the switch button if its not too bad, replacements are 
> hard
> to find.  I think there is a release you push or a screw you remove and 
> you
> slide the lock cyl out.  I unsoldered the wires first.
> Keith
> >
> > > Any help/advice at all on how to remove the ignition (from the 
> > > steering
> > > column) and/or finding a replacement (electrical side specifically) 
> > > for
> a 67
> > > fasty would be especially appreciated.
> >
> > Someone familiar with the early steering columns needs to answer this.
> >
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