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[T3] Non-split Axle Boots

<x-flowed>If you all remember a while back we discussed putting non-split swingaxle boots on by stretching them over the large flange on the tranny end of the axle tube. Well, I am happy to report that it is entirely possible!

I did both of Sophy's new boots tonight. I didn't believe it was possible looking at the relative diameters of the small end of the boot and the large diameter of the flange. Heck, you have to stretch the large end of the boot to get it over the flange. But I clamped the axle tube in a vise by the shock mount, turned the boot inside out, but the boot in some hot soapy water to soften it up some and to lubricate it and started stretching it over the flange big end first. I didn't need any tools or pry bars. Just worked it over the flange from one side to the other. Didn't tear the boot or anything.

After it was over the flange, I turned it back right side out and slipped the retaining ring over the boot and wa-la. Nice new boots on the axle tubes.

Really wasn't as hard as it looked like it was going to be. I took some in process pictures. I will try to post them later tonight.

John Jaranson
'66 Square (Sophy)
'71 Fasty (Jane - darkside project in waiting)
various parts.....don't we all.

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