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Re: [T3] 71 SqB neutral safety switch

<x-flowed>Thank you, thank you. Such a great description of how this part is supposed to be.
The pen spring sounds like a terrific solution but for all I know, as you said, the original spring is in that goo somewhere.
The brass piece is indeed very misshapen but your description of how it should be, gives me a sense of how I should try to reform it.
New question: Can the brass piece be extracated from the "box," in order to reshape the wings, without damaging the box itself? I mean are they supposed to be able to be disassembled? Is there any precaution I should take regarding current running to this piece? I am guessing no because I can touch it with a metal object without problem as long as the ignition is off. If I am wrong please let me know and what it is I should disconnect before trying to make any repair.
I will carefully dig the silicone goo out , hunt for the spring and try to get a better sense of where the spring attaches on the brass piece and the shift lever.
Thanks for the thread tip! Another great idea that will save me lots of trouble, just in case.
I think I will try to fix the pieces as they should be, before trying to move the NSS to accommodate the floppy brass contact! I think the brass part is too floppy to ever line up with the NSS consistently and I would very much like to reassemble the cover for more that a day.
Thanks ever so much again for all the information.
On Wednesday, February 2, 2005, at 07:27 PM, type3-d-request@vwtype3.org wrote:


The "box" is a sleeve that surrounds the shift lever; it holds the moving
contact that has to touch the NSS stationary contacts.

Once you get the blue/green stuff out of the way you may be able to get a
better idea of how this is all supposed to work.

It's possible that this is all working pretty much okay as it now stands. In
that case, you might want to just loosen the 2 screws fhat hold the stationary
part of the NSS, move the NSS rearwards slightly, and retighten.
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