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Re: [T3] Best dizzy for AT with carbs?

Steve and ALL, I know you'd rather see me use a type3 dizzy, but the 043 905 
205 is a beetle dizzy, with both mechanical and vac advance. wouldn't this be 
a good one to use? I mean its already compatable with carbs, and has the mech 
advance that would work nicely with a stock motor. I didn't mention this, but 
I do have 2- 311 905 205 T s here, but they are both partly disassembled (I 
got them that way), and I wasn'y sure about trying to revive them. Wouldn't a 
113 905 205 T be similar to the 311 905 205T ? 
 Ok,I was just looking at my bug Bentley book in the engine section for the 
dizzys (they have 2 nice charts there), the 113 905 205T is vac advance only, 
and has at 30mmHg 17-19degrees advance and at 80mmHg has 32-35degrees 
advance. The 043 905 205 has both; and mech adv begins at 1050-1200rpm, @1600 
it has 7-12 degrees and ends its advancement at 3900 with 22-25 degrees,and 
on the vac side at 55-100mmHg degrees advance, and at 200mmHg 8-12 degrees 
vac advance.
 These numbers start getting close to a FI dizzy when you look at the 
numbers.The vac numbers work at the lower end though. Example of the 311 905 
205 AE (from type3 Bentley book) mech advance begins at 950-1200, @1800 its 
got 11-16 degrees and mech ends at 4000rpms with 19-23degrees.The vac side 
starts at 90-120mmHg, and ends at 150-170mmHg with 8-12degrees. So what do 
you think? Are these close? I don't have these numbers for the vac only 311 
905 205 T, can anybody offer them?


Bob 65 Notch S w/ Sunroof
       69 Square AT-the baby suburban

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