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Re: [T3] Muffler Questions

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From: "Ben Doughney" <ben_d@clear.net.nz>

> I spent all afternoon sawing off the welds- for some reason the heater box
> unions had been welded to the outside of the heater boxes. Once I got rid
> the welds, I tried to loosen them with a spanner, but they are frozen
> I put some oil on them, but I think it is going to take much more to get
> them off- I suppose the only way would be to heat them up with a torch or
> something?
> I had a look at the Bently manual (should have done that first I guess!
> and saw the sealing ring- is that just like the ones that go in between
> lower heater boxes and the muffler? I don't suppose there is any way of
> sealing them without getting those nuts loose is there?

 Someone told me to do it with a chisel and hammer on the corner of the nut
but when I tried  was just going to ruin the thing. You need a big spanner
the correct size - I bought one for about 20GBP- its a magnificent beast and
weighs a ton!, and a long extension and maybe the heat. Its a lot easier to
do with the exhaust fitted to the engine but out of the car- the apron gets
in the way otherwise, but I think its possible in the car with a bit of
contortion. I tried off the engine but I couldn't hold the exhaust tight
enough to get enough purchase. When I did it last I bought some of the
copper oval gaskets for a bus exhaust and rounded them in a vice, and then
softened them by heating red hot- they turn out the right size for sealing
in that joint!

Good luck,

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