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RE: [T3] The 2004 Type 3 invasion!!!!!!


I have a '71 AT sqaure, original orange. Be sure to go through all the
gears very carefully and note the shift quality, don't forget reverse.
Check the rockers, my car is rust free and this is the first place it
is just now starting. 

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Jason wrote:

> Make that 6!  Count this Midwesterner and my Square!  I think we will be
>  able to make this trip.  But It'll be hard waiting a year and a half.

If all works out this weekend, you can add another one I hope... I'm
checking out a '71 square automatic on Sunday... If it's everything I'm
told and have seen in pics, I'm taking it...

Anyone have any last minute advice on what I should watch for? Body is
supposedly in good shape, very little rust... I'm looking more for small
detail stuff I should pay attention to... I don't believe it has been
started in a month or so (guy ran down the battery trying to get it to run
-- said it was a daily driver and was running when he got it), and I
notice the owner has been trying to sell many FI parts (hopefully not from
this car)... Any way I can make sure the car has the original dist, all FI
parts, etc? I guess just take a really good inventory? I would imagine
after sitting for a few months I should be figuring to already buy a
battery (the current one is dead), change tranny fluid, oil, possible
brake job, tune-up kit if I take it... Anything else?

I'll be giving him a deposit on Sunday if it works out and picking it up
the next weekend on a trailer. Maybe I should take lots of digital
pictures and study them over the week?


97 Jetta
71 Square FI AT (not yet, but hopefully)

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