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Re: [T3] sad news

  My heart goes out to you for I too lost my father just last summer. And he
too was the person that got me going with VWs way back in like '61 or '62
when I was just a very young lad.

   He was fabricator, had his own welding shop in Orange Co., Cal. and was
one of the pioneers of dune buggies back in the '60s. We built, tuned, and
played with those buggies for several wonderful years.

  We then drifted apart and lived in different states. But several years ago
we started seeing each other as much as we could. He was suffering from
Alheimzers and didn't remember very well. When they came up and visited once
several years ago I had the opportunity to take him out for a little ride in
my hot rod bug (something around 160 HP in a street bug) and I ran it up
through the gears hard a few times,.... and he remembered!

  He turned and looked at me with a big grin and said "Sure wish we had this
engine back when we used to buggy."  We stopped and he wanted to poke around
the engine, and he was almost blind. But I proudly opened the engine
compartment and he kinda saw what he wanted to. Sweet memories.

  And now comes the T3 content. He found for me for my 1st car, a '63 N
model sunroof Notch. I was hoping to have my current notch project done
before he passed on.

My heart goes out to you,


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> My dad died on Friday.
> He worked for Capistano VW for the past 3 years.
> He owned 2 bugs, a 59 and a 69, and two Ghias, both 60-something's.
> He bought them all when they were new.
> Many times he told me that he wished that he had kept them so that I could
> have had them for my own.
> He was my hero.
> We used to watch stock car races and hockey games together.
> Cars were one of the things we had in common most.
> He was a car salesman for 30 years, and was well known as a honest,
> and thoughtful to his many customers.
> He was a great dad. I miss him so very much.
> All you guys out there with daughters, go give them a hug, OK?
> Micah
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