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Re: [T3] Rebuild my Distributor?

On 12 Feb 2001, at 18:39, Fuhriman, Mark wrote:

> Question:  Just how sensitive are those FI points to contamination??
> Cleaning the points seems to be temporarily solving this recurring
> problem for me.  My only guess right now is that the distributor is
> allowing just enough oily vapor into the little house for the FI
> contacts that the contacts become contaminated and hence not fire. 
> Sound reasonable??  So I'm thinking I need to hire Jim to rebuild my
> distributor..?!?..

I don't think just a bit of oil should have ANY effect. I see 
problems when there is a bit of dirt in there that keeps the 2 points 
from making electrical contact. This area will always have a bit of 
oil in it, and lubrication is necessary to allow the parts to work 
against one another without wearing out.

I'm sure that I could rework your dist, and it is even possible that 
I might notice something that you had overlooked, but at this point I 
think you've already been pretty thorough and it seems likely that 
your problems would continue even after I've done my best.

Of course I'd be glad to work it over, or just take a look at it, but 
I can't promise that this will fix your problem.

My best guess is that your REAL problem remains unsuspected. This all 
sounds like a case of several compound problems which all overlap and 
make each other hard to find. The best you can do is deal with them 
one at a time and slowly eliminate them. 

I had a car like this that I worked on every evening and drove to 
work every day. It wasn't my car, but the owner let me have it until 
I could sort it all out. The final count was 7 independent problems, 
some of which I had never seen before. Each time I fixed something it 
ran a little better and the symptoms changed in subtle ways, but it 
didn't run RIGHT until I found and fixed them ALL. This took 14 days 
to figure out.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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