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[T3] breaking car and fixing car

I have just finished welding my Bugpack dual quiet muffler
yesterday. Welded around the muffler to entry pipe because 
one muffler was hanging and ready to fall off ,  I rewelded the 
hangers because the welds were so weak that anyone could break 
them off by hand I always had hangers on these since the install.
I rewelded the center inlet pipe. I only had this since last 
September. The new welds were no longer performed using 
gas I now used a dc arcwelder using hard but non brittle
metal rods. I hope this will hold now. In the future whenever
I perform an engine removal I will weld all seams with 
my dad's new MIG welder.

I am replacing my generator today because the commutator has a
flat spot, it makes the brushes bob up and down, it generates 
nice sparks, wears the brushes down quickly but it still charges
good while the brushes are still brushing.

I have received my new JC Whitney air shocks yesterday to replace
my 6 months old Gabriel air shocks that popped on me and made
my car looked slammed but drags muffler and scrapes rocks
on third world roads. The  JC's are some kind of an American
brand that looks just like the Gabriels that broke. I understand
the Gab's are no longer made but maybe this company got 
the molds and machinery from them.

I did a stupid thing this morning, I rear ended a Ford T-bird and
scratched his bumper and ripped a two inch hole in his rubber
bumper cover. He was not insured and accepeted my forty 
bucks so as to avoid hassel with my insurance. He slammed 
on his brakes in front of me, he told me that he had brake fluid
leaking to his brake drums..... Well,  I broke one of my turn signals
and my bumper guard and thats all the guard guarded the bumper
pretty well , I guess I can get one locally.



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