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Re: [T3] Intermittent Wipers (was Little rubber bits)

Jim Adney wrote:

> I checked this out, but didn't find any part numbers. I was hoping to
> find some numbers which I could then trace to some parts listed for M
> 652 on the type 3 parts lists.

I can probably supply it with the part number for the Rabbit switch I used.

> It's clear that it is possible to make this modification. Is there
> anyone out there who has a car that CAME this way from the factory.
> Cars that can be or have been forced into a 4th position don't really
> count.

Dave Hall does? Forcing the switch into the 4th position will simply NOT work, as the
electircal terminals are not included inside the switch! VW left them out, probably
to save a few Pfennigs per car. You will need to locate a switch with the terminals,
from a type 1, 3 or maybe 4 or even a Rabbit/Golf or maybe Dasher/Passat. I guess
these are NLA at the stealerships.

> BTW PerL, the schmetic on your posting shows a 3-speed motor, plus
> intermittent. Was this a type 3 option to your knowledge?

The schematic is from this Haynes manual: "VW Beetle 1300 & 1500 1965-1975, #039" but
it is not a 3-speed wiper motor. I dont think VW ever used a 3-speed. Look at this
page for reference to the DIN numbers: http://www.humanspeakers.com/audi/din.htm and
you'll see what all the connnections are. I am not sure what they all do though.

73 Variant L

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