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Re: [T3] weird problem

On 26 Jan 99, at 12:21, Dana Hall wrote:

> OK it's been a while since I posted anything and I thought I would run
> this one by you guys. I developed an oil leak on my 65 Notch ( actually
> it seemed more like a gusher). The engine is missing but otherwise seems
> to run fine (no Knocks). I traced the problem to the extra dipstick tube
> that is not being used (Universal case) and plugged it up . Thinking
> that my problem was solved I fired it up and oil started pouring from
> the front of the engine. When I traced this down I found that the oil
> was traveling up the oil inlet tower and through the breather hose to
> the oilbath air cleaner and out a small hole in the cleaner. It seems
> there is way too much crancase pressure in the engine. The oil pressure
> relief valves are NOT stuck. I am wondering if It might be a problem
> with one of the valves not opening or closing corectly but haven't had
> the time to pull the valve cover to check. Anybody got any Ideas. 

By "oil inlet tower" do you mean the breather box with the black 
plastic plug in it?

It is possible that your engine does not have the oil deflector 
installed between the base of th4er stand and the case.  This 
might allow more oil to be thrown up the breather, especially if you 
tend toward more "spirited" driving.  This would lead to more oil in 
the air cleaner until the air cleaner overflowed, so you should check 
the air filter oil level and pour off any excess.

If you did not overfill the air filter, did you overfill the engine?  
If you did neither, and the engine seems to run fine, then you should 
pop off that plastic plug and see if the louvered plate is installed 
under the breather stand.  If not, get one and install it.

I'm not sure when VW introduced that louvered plate, but they did so 
for this reason, and I think it happened around the time your car was 

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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