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Re: [T3] Wheel Bearing Adjustment

On 25 Jan 99, at 18:12, Allen Moore wrote:

>   I reviewed the posts, got my Muir and off to the driveway I
>   went.  Got the Square blocked up and jacked up.  Removed the
>   right front wheel and I was ready to get at those bearings!
>   But what's this?  I can't get the end cap off!  I used a
>   BIG screwdriver and a hammer behind the flange of the end
>   cap. 

I use a crowbar or the claw end of a claw hammer to pry them off.  
Sometimes it helps to slowly work your way around the cap by rotating 
the wheel as you work.

>   Anyway, I put the wheel back on, lowered the car and then 
>   wobbled the wheel just to get a better feel for how much
>   "play" there was with that "clicking" noise.

To feel bearing play you need to do the wobbling with the wheels off 
the ground.  Do this very lightly.

If you grab the top of the wheel and try to wobble it HARD with the 
wheel on the ground, then you will be feeling the end play in the 
upper torsion arms.  This should also be small.

>   It probably has been forever since the front wheel bearings
>   have been repacked, so I am going to do this anyway once
>   I can get that end cap off! 

Yes, this may well be illuminating.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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