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[T3] Wheel Bearing Adjustment

I want to thank all of you who have contributed to my question
  on wheel bearing adjustments.  I certainly appreciate it!

  I reviewed the posts, got my Muir and off to the driveway I
  went.  Got the Square blocked up and jacked up.  Removed the
  right front wheel and I was ready to get at those bearings!
  But what's this?  I can't get the end cap off!  I used a
  BIG screwdriver and a hammer behind the flange of the end
  cap.  All I suceeded in doing was putting a scratch in the
  end cap.  How do you get these darned things off?  Is there
  a trick to it? 

  Anyway, I put the wheel back on, lowered the car and then 
  wobbled the wheel just to get a better feel for how much
  "play" there was with that "clicking" noise.  Guess what?
  It doesn't wobble nearly as much as it did before, in fact 
  almost none!  No more clicking noise either.  In fact if 
  you wobble the left front tire, there is no difference in
  that one vs the right front one.  I wonder what happened? 
  The lug bolts were on tight when I took the wheel off. I
  know that these things don't fix themselves.  Any guesses
  where to start? 

  It probably has been forever since the front wheel bearings
  have been repacked, so I am going to do this anyway once
  I can get that end cap off! 

  70' Square

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