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[T3] Fwd: VWCC - It's baaack!


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Here's something from the acvw list that I thought everyone might be
interested in:

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From: Lev Prystupa <levpry@hotmail.com>
To: acvw@onelist.com <acvw@onelist.com>; karmann-ghia@wdr.com
Date: Saturday, January 23, 1999 2:10 PM
Subject: [ACVW] It's baaack!

>From: "Lev Prystupa" <levpry@hotmail.com>
>Just a quick heads up to all Volksfans. Do you remember VW Custom &
>Classic magazine that was shut down after only 7 issues. Well it's being
>published again. I was at the local bug house picking up some resto
>parts when I spotted a copy of the -NEW- VWCC. Seems like Peterson
>Publishing is going to give it another go. The new mag will be published
>on a quarterly, non subscription basis and if sales are ~žÍn they
>might offer subscriptions in the future. This first (second premier)
>issue is sort of an anthology of the best features/ tech aricles from
>the first 7 issues of the old VWCC. The next issue 'Summer 1999' should
>hit the news stand near the end of April. I recall it as a fairly decent
>mag and maybe this time it will be around for a while.  Enjoy
>Lev  '69 coupe, 67 beetle

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