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SV: [T3] type 4 trans

Hi David, and all you other listees!

I am playing with the idea of making a conversion to a 1.8 or 2.0 litre
engine in my -73 Squareback. Does, for example, a 1.8 FI (bus) engine fit
under the deck lid with its std. cooling system and FI? Do I have to use
aftermarket or specially built cooling system, exhaust system and heat

The advanwth this conversion should be (as I see it now, without
having tried this yet):  
1. More power and torque versus the stock 1600 engine.  
2. Better reliability: Oil filter, and a more robust construction.  
3. Better charge system: alternator!
4. A lot cheaper per hp, than a hi-performance built 1600 engine.

Drawbacks (I guess):
1. A little more weight.
2. Possibly a lot of work with the flywheel/clutch, cooling/exhaust system
and rear engine mount.

What do you think? Any hints? Any help on this subject is highly

/Karl-Olov Sandin
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> Frn:	David Buckholts [SMTP:dbuckhol@admin1.moultrie.tec.ga.us]
> Skickat:	 den 22 januari 1999 14.24
> Till:	type3@vwtype3.org
> mne:	[T3] type 4 trans
> I have been running type 4 engines in my 3's for many years.  I haven't
> tried using a type 4 trans though.  Wonder how difficult the swap would
> be?
> Anyone with experience in this swap?  I would be interested in the trans
> if
> its not a MAJOR
> deal to get it to work.
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