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[T3] Keepin' the kids busy

We finally decided to thin out the yard a bit and strip
the green '71 Squareback and stuff it in the attic of the 
garage.  I already took the engine and tranny out so it was
time to take out the interior and remove the body panels.  I enlisted the
help of our two kids, Samantha aged 7 and Anthony 
aged 10.

I wielded the impact wrench and they manned the screw drivers.
First we removed the driver's seat (takes 3 people, of course)
then the driver's door, trunk lid and rear hatch.  We then had to
drag the car out from beside the garage and into the driveway
so we could get to the other side.  Besides, it was sitting on
a slight slope and in the mud.

Anthony steered, Samantha guided and I provided the motivation
with a rope and our '72 Bus.  Once on the driveway we removed
all four fenders, the other door and the two bumpers.  It looked
like a dune buggy at this point and Anthony was trying to convince
me to put the engine back in so we could drive it around that

Next on the schedule is to pop all the glass out, finish taking
the seats out and eventually removing the suspension.  This
is all just spare parts for our other '71 Squareback (beige)
since tracking down little parts is so tough.


'57 BMW Isetta 300
'71 Squareback (daily driver)
'71 Squareback (literally in parts)
'72 Bus
'80 Rabbit diesel pickup (soon to be transformed into another
    '72 Bus)
'85 Jetta diesel

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