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Re: [T3] T3 Wheel Bearing Adjustment

At 07:49 AM 1/23/99 -0800, Steven Ayres wrote:
>AllenM=> I don't have one of these wheel bearing play measuring devices 
>      => so how do I know when I have it right? 
>Make sure everything's clean and well greased. Tighten down the nut, 
>then stick your big screwdriver in there and put some lateral tension in 
>the washer. Back off on the nut until the washer just starts to move. Do 
>this three or four times until you're sure it's right. Don't forget to 
>tighten up the nut tensioner with your 6mm hex wrench afterward to make 
>sure it stays there.
>I'll be very interested to see what other members have to stay about this.

I also use the "move the washer method," but only in conjunction with the
wheel wiggle method.  What the h*ll is the "wheel wiggle method?"  Back off
the nut a little (1/4 turn max), grab the wheel at 9 and 3 o'clock
positions and wiggle it.  Back the nut off a little more, wiggle the wheel.
 You are looking for the first instance of just a little bit of play in the
bearing areǐ=²will feel it.  

Obversely, if you know the bearing is too loose, tighten the nut slightly,
wiggle, tighten, wiggle, etc. until you just feel a little play in the
bearing area.  

Always remember that if you are unsure, it is probably better to err on the
loose side rather than on the tight side.  However, it is better not to err
at all.  

I think that Muir wrote that the wiggle method corresponds well with the
move the washer method.  Use both ways to check your work.  

Since it will be your first time doing this, after you are done, take a
very short ride in the car, get out and smell or feel if the bearing is too
hot and burning (too tight!) or wiggle the wheel to see if the bearings are
too loose.

Regardless, this is good confidence building exercise because you use your
senses to build a skill -- a skill that you will never forget.

Good luck and smile while you work!

Zagreb, Croatia 

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