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Re: Fw: [T3] This is cool!!!!,

This is not necessary.... I am planing a type 4 conversion ( trying to save up
for a big bore kit 2.5l )
I was in contact with European racing and they have manifolds for Weber DCNFs
for the type 4 and they are low enough for the carbs to clear and still have the
engine lid in place.... they sell the manifolds for $70 pair.......

What I am wondering is if if there is a need to fabricate a mount above the
transmission to help support some of the extra weight of the type 4 engine ? (
like type 4 Busses have) I haven't compared the weight of the type3 engine Vs.
type 4 engine ( I can only compare from actually lifting them......  there does
not seem to be all that much difference......) Also with this conversion I'll
probably end up using the heater boxes from a type 4 car ( they are a lot
lighter, they are actually just pre heaters..... no aluminum around the

Todd Daley
71 Squareback
71 Fastback

David Buckholts wrote:

> wasn't that big of a deal to get the t4 in the car.  I mated the t3 and t4
> motor mounting crossmembers.  The worst part was cutting the engine cover so
> the 44's would fit.(just hate to cut the car!!)  The fastback is getting a
> cleaned up version of the mount - which has yet to be made.  The first one
> i

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