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Re: [T3] Pulled Engine

Now is the time to check all those things you mentioned, much easier
working on it with the engine out.  You might also check the heater
box flaps, thermostatic fan flaps, flywheel end play.  Look for bad
exhaust gaskets, too.   I hope you've gotten the flywheel off, take it
down to a machine shop and get it resurfaced.  New o-ring is
definitely in order on it.   If you've got a facility around, get it
and the clutch balanced, too.   Replace the throw-out bearing, they're
fairly cheap.

 You don't actually need to replace the fuel line with the fabric
covered stuff, but you do need something that's rated for FI
pressures(assuming you still have FI).  It's an odd size, 7.5mm,
doesn't exactly correspond wit=ch measurement, so I usually end
up with OEM-style hose.  There was a big discussion about this several
months back, you might want to go back in the archives.

On Mon, 18 Jan 1999 10:15:41 -0800 (PST), you wrote:

>Hey all,
>        Pulled my engine this weekend expecting to find the flywheel
>loose and the rear main seal busted puking oil all over the place...
>well... dunno if that's the prob now.  didn't have much time to check
>things out but it looks as though the shaft coming out of the tranny
>is loose.... is this supposed to have some play in it.... when I
>messed with it it made a similar if not exact sound that I heard when
>the car was running.... and it could have been tranny oil that was
>leaking... and the clutch was thoroughly soaked.... what do you all
>think.... bearing loose.... can that shaft have play... I'd say that
>it moved a good 1/4 inch in all directions... 
>could this be my problem.... and now what should I do....look for...
>save money for??.... ;o) 
>and now that my engine is out... what do you suggest that I replace
>while I'm at it.... I'm gonna replace the clutch.... of course.... and
>pressure plate.... plugs.... fuel line also... do I need to replace
>the fuel line with that fabric covered stuff....??? what line should I
>buy.... anything else?......
>'73 out of commission back
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