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Re: [T3] Carb 101

Or convert to FI and NEVER noodle with it any time of year!

Sorry Brian.. jsut couldnt help it!


> From: Brian and Shannon <zoofye@micron.net>
> To: a vw club <vwmagazine@listbot.com>; a t-3 club <type3@vwtype3.org>
> Subject: [T3] Carb 101
> Date: Thursday, January 14, 1999 6:10 PM
> Welcome to winter and the detuned carb...Some basics for winter
> woes...First off, if the car is running rich, check the function of the
> chokes.  They are adjustable!  There are 3 notches on the choke body
> that is held on by 3 screws.  Loosen the screws and adjust the choke
> either clock or counter clock wise until the chokes just close when
> cold.  After the engine warms up, the chokes should disengage.  If they
> do not, readjust the chokes.  If the engine is warm when you first do
> this operation, then open the choke till it is just open completely.  It
> should then close when cold to assist in cold starts.
>     If your chokes are not hooked to an electrical source and they are
> out of adjustment, these problems are applified.
>     As an aside, if the car is in a cold, cold climate...the autolite
> spark plugs cause it to be hard to start.  I did not believe this until
> after a -5 morning of no start, I switched only 2 of my plugs to the
> Bosch 8Ac plugs and the vehicl|d on the second try.  After
> switching the second two I never had cold start problems again.
> Hope this helps,
> Brian "Love my carbs" Fye
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