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[T3] Carb 101

Welcome to winter and the detuned carb...Some basics for winter
woes...First off, if the car is running rich, check the function of the
chokes.  They are adjustable!  There are 3 notches on the choke body
that is held on by 3 screws.  Loosen the screws and adjust the choke
either clock or counter clock wise until the chokes just close when
cold.  After the engine warms up, the chokes should disengage.  If they
do not, readjust the chokes.  If the engine is warm when you first do
this operation, then open the choke till it is just open completely.  It
should then close when cold to assist in cold starts.
    If your chokes are not hooked to an electrical source and they are
out of adjustment, these problems are applified.
    As an aside, if the car is in a cold, cold climate...the autolite
spark plugs cause it to be hard to start.  I did not believe this until
after a -5 morning of no start, I switched only 2 of my plugs to the
Bosch 8Ac plugs and the vehicle started on the second try.  After
switching the second two I never had cold start problems again.

Hope this helps,

Brian "Love my carbs" Fye

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