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RE: [T3] back fire

Sounds like dwell/points/condenser to me.  Check to see what colour the
spark is.

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	Subject:	[T3] back fire

	now the problems start to surface. i finally finished my engine
rebuild and
	got it back inthe car.  1776 cc, engle 100 cam  but at the moment i
	forced to use the stock carbs(32 pdsit). i know that they are too
small, but
	my resources are all tapped out at the moment. it idles well around
	rpm's and revs smoothly until i put it under load. then it sputters
	backfires. if I'm cruising along with the throttle just barely open
I'm fine
	but if i open past about  1/4 i lose power and the engine almost
wants tob've been driving it for four days now and it was fine. all
	started on the way to work this morning. the timing is dead on (7.5*
	as is the dwell and i can't find anything that has changed in the
last two
	days. as soon as the engine cools down I'll pull the spark plugs and
	what they look like. I'm assuming this could be due to improper
jetting, but
	like i said it's driven fine for four days.
	anybody got any ideas?

	Brandon 73 square

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