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Re: [T3] Stock dual Carb on FI Engine?

It's possible to do this, folks on the list have done it and can give

You may be getting more troubles than just fixing the FI installation.
I've only seen one complete OEM carb install in all the wrecks I've
seen and even then, I'm not sure all the linkage was there.  Might
cost you more to convert than finding out what's wrong with the FI
stuff.  Dual carbs were really popular with the sand rail and buggy
crowd, at least in CA where I was.  Most TIII linkages only lasted
minutes after a wreck was towed in. The complete setup was going for
over $250 at the time.   Unless you had a complete engine fire that
toasted everything, the FI stuff is fixable.  I'd rather troubleshoot
it than try to figure out carburetor jetting, synchronization, carb
linkage adjustment, fuel pump conversion, wiring,  etc.  Depending on
where you live, this may not be legal, some localities are pretty
sticky about keeping existing emissions equipment(FI in this case).
Just my opinion.

On Wed, 06 Jan 1999 03:24:12 -0500, you wrote:

>    I have had been thinking about this for a while, my fuel injection on my
>squareback '73 is totaled. The parts had gone bad however I would like to
>install dual carburetors on my stock 1600cc engine. Wondering is this
>possible, taking out dual carburetors from an old squareback engine like '66
>or '67 onto my car. Will this work well? Will it fits well on my FI engine?
>Are there some modifications?
>'73 Bright Orange Squareback
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