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Re: [T3] Clock repairs?

Some are repairable, some aren't unless you have plenty of spares.
There's two types of clocks, one is a electrically-wound mechanical
drive, the other has a transistor oscillator driving the balance
wheel.  The transistorized ones seem to be in the later models.  The
one that came with my SB had an open oscillator coil, I tried to
unwrap a few turns, these coils usually go open in the outer few
turns.  The wire is hair fine, about 48 guage, so if you're not
familiar with working with such small stuff, pass on it and get a
mechanical clock, which is what I did.  What happens to the mechanical
clocks is that there's a fusable link in there, it's a drop of low
melting-point alloy between two small strips of brass.  This seems to
crystallize over the years and the brass springs apart, causing an
open circuit.  Relatively easy to use a small soldering iron to make a
joint there.  Some folks use a fuse in the circuit after that.
There's a small solenoid inside the clock that kicks a wheel around
periodically as points close and thus keeps a sping wound up.  These
points can usually stand some attention with a point file, don't file
away too much on them, just enough to get the surface bright again.  I
use some light-weight dental turbine oil, in the absence of regular
clock oil.  Stasndard clock-servicing procedures are available in
horology books at the local library.  Since you can't get the works
apart without destorying it, a little solvent(ether or alcohol)
followed by a little oil is about all you can do for pivot servicing.

I was lucky enough to get a repairable mechanical clock from the local
VW junk yard, 10 bucks, my choice from a 4 foot cube box that was
full.  Has been running over ten years now, just serviced it a couple
of months back, was running a bit slow.

On Sat, 02 Jan 1999 09:04:04 -0800, you wrote:

>Hi, everybody. The clock on my squareback is broken (of course,) and I
>am wondering if it can be repaired. I just finished fixing my odometer,
>now I'm eyeing my broken clock. Does anyone have any experience with
>this? Can it even be repaired? I haven't opened it yet but I'm hoping
>that there are typical problems with all of the VW clocks that someone
>might have knowledge of. Thanks. Ernest
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