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Re: engine tins

>The '69 T3 fastback which I own was previously owned by a good
>mechanic.  He replaced the engine and automatic trans. with a good
>automatic and (newer) 1600 engine.  However, he ditched the fuel
>injection for a Holley carb.  I would've prefered the FI, but it runs
>very well.  
>In my previous VW, a T1, there was a full tin surrounding engine. 
>However, in my fastback, I can see asphalt when I lift the lid to my
>engine.  Should there be a tin around it?  

In my experiences with my '65, there should not be a tin around it.  The T1
has a tin around it to seal the upper part of the engine (from where cooling
air is sucked into the engine) from the lower part that warmed by the
presence of the exhaust.  In a T3, the air intake is sealed from the engine
cavity by a large, accordian-like oval rubber seal that seals the fan to the
rear of the car.  This makes the engine suck cooling air from the side vents
that you see in the rear fenders.  

>Also, the old oil fill port no longer contects to anything.  Was the
>original engine much differtent?  I can't see how the oil fill port
>would have ever connected to the engine.  I have the Haynes book, but
>doesn't help much in this case.

The oil fill port should connect to the bottom right of the block -- the T3
is different in this regard -- where as the oil filler on the t1 goes
through the generator stand into the top of the block.  Tom Wilson shows a
good picture of a universal engine that has the T3 oil fill opening on the
cover of his book "How to Rebuild the Air-cooled VW Engine" or something
like that.

Hope that this helps...


>Dan Hirth
>'69 Fastback
>Raleigh, North Carolina

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