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Re[2]: Squareback heat exchangers?

At 14:11 24.10.1996, Toby Erkson wrote:

 * 1. If "VW Scene" has gobs of ads and Pat (or whoever) had the magazine
 then he
 * wouldn't be asking the question -- he'd be on the phone ordering parts.

Actually, I had not thought of VW Scene as a possibility.

 * 2. The reason we buy in the US is because that's all we know since non-US
 * companies rarely (I'm not saying "never") advertise in the US magazines.
 I know
 * England & Europe get the American periodicals but the US doesn't get the
 * over-seas periodicals (I live in a major metropolitan city and I haven't
 * any in the literature arenas).  The fact that we live an ocean away from the
 * motherland and our car is the less popular T3 does not help.

This is the truth.  I think that even after surfing through three issues of
VW Scene, the chances of finding any T3 parts from Germany is, to be
honest, unlikely.  Several other places in Europe which sell parts, mainly
feature TI & TII parts.  Oddly, the German companies sell a lot of TIV
parts for use in Beetles.  However, it does seem wierd to live an hour and
a half from Germany by air, and be ordering OEM parts for a German car from
the U.S.!  Go figure.

 * Please, if you would, could you provide us with some more info on the
 "VW Scene"
 * magazine?  Is it all in German, or are we lucky enough for it to be
 published in
 * an English version?  What is their address to order a subscription?  How
 much is
 * it per week/month/year or whatever?

VW Scene is a monthly, all German language mag, and is about 50/50 on
aircooled and watercooled VWs.  It is mainly filled with classified ads for
Beetles that are for sale in Germany.  Or it IS filled; there are other
features as well, but the advertizing for parts houses and actual parts for
sale is minimal, IMHO.  A subscription over seas is 84DM per year (about
USD$57.00) and would be a good buy if you spoke German so well that you
understand the technical terms of the automotive world.  I don't.  Mail me
if you want the address (the mag is sitting in my car).

As such, I will continue to try to obtain parts from the U.S., however, I
am planning to call T3D today and ask about lenses and heat exchangers!
Lets see.

'Nuff said.


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